Landscape Articles

Best Synthetic Grass Applications

When it comes to landscaping, property owners always look for low-maintenance features and elements. While that’s possible with masonry features, plants and trees are all living features and need consistent care and attention. This is especially true in the case of lawn spaces. Not only do they have to be mowed and watered regularly, but have to be de-weeded, re-sodded, aerated and fertilized at regular intervals too. It’s much better to opt for a synthetic grass installation instead. Read more about Synthetic Grass »

Top 5 Types of Pavers

There are a number of materials used in landscape projects and pavers are a very popular installation. These are individual units that could be made of concrete, brick or stone and are typically set on compacted sand. These are very resilient and long lasting and are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes! Read more about Pavers »

4 Outdoor Living Ideas

Would you like to do a lot more entertaining in the comfort of your own home? Have you considered a new outdoor living space? There really are so many options when it comes to having the perfect outdoor living space for you and your needs. We can build you a patio with a cover, an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace or a fire pit. The whole idea is to change how your outdoor space works for you! Read more about Outdoor Living »

How to Install a Retaining Wall

There are many different circumstances where you might find that you will need to build a retaining wall on your property. Some of the reasons may include drainage, grading or simply just making use of sloping land. We can help you not only build a wall that adheres to all local codes and standards but also one that will be aesthetically pleasing and functional! Read more about Retaining Walls »

Top Landscaping Tips

There is no doubt that landscaping is an important aspect of any type of property; residential, commercial or recreational. But having the perfect lawns, landscape settings and hardscapes can take a lot of money and a lot of time to maintain them all. We want to ensure that your landscaping is the best in the neighborhood, so give us call here at Scapes and Stones today! Read more about Landscaping »

Most Popular Types of Natural Stone

The use of natural stone for any hardscape projects on your property will not only add an abundance of classic appeal but it will also add value to your property. Natural stones that are commonly used for landscape projects like travertine and flagstone pavers can make really classic statements. The impact of a travertine pool surrounds or flagstone patio will delight and amaze you! Read more about Natural Stone »