Hardscape Services in Summerlin, NV

Hardscape Services, Summerlin, NVScapes and Stones has a knowledgeable workforce in every facet of landscape, hardscape design and installation, and exterior renovations. Our team of professional landscape designers and builders serves clients in and around Summerlin, NV, offering them customized outdoor living designs and installations at cost-effective price points.

Fire Channels, Fire Pits and Fire Features

Incorporating a fire feature into your outdoors is a great way to make it seem more inviting and comfortable. If you take this step, you can spend cool nights and evenings in the comfort of your garden or patio in the company of family and friends. We design and install fire features such as fireplaces, tables, and channels. There's nothing like a fire channel to spice up a property's aesthetic.

This structure is a restricted channel for fire; it functions like a fire pit, producing a narrow wall of flame where needed. They're visually striking without being too bulky, so they're perfect for apartments or other tiny homes. A stone fireplace could be an elegant addition to any garden if that's what you're looking for.

Landscaping Lighting

Brightening up your property's outside areas enhances its aesthetic value. The lights also help keep undesirables at bay, which is an essential aspect of overall security. When the sun goes down, it's nice to use the outside areas, and enough illumination helps this. Simply turning on your exterior lights won't create a dramatic impression.

You can use numerous landscaping elements to improve the ambiance of a home. However, it is crucial to employ the help of a company that specializes in delivering these services when you are arranging the lighting for your outdoor spaces. Lighting not only brings out the attractive features in your landscape but also wraps up the look of your home.

Our customers know they can depend on us for the best solutions when it comes to outdoor lighting. We know where to place the lights if you want the best landscape lighting impact for your home. Our creative and knowledgeable team works with you to ensure you have the outdoor spaces you like. We assist with the finest outdoor lighting and the installation of high-quality underwater lighting to highlight pools and other waterfalls on your property.

Excavation and Hauling

We provide comprehensive landscape services, beginning with site preparation and ending with the final cleanup. Sometimes the available area is flatter than it may be, making it harder to construct a driveway, an outdoor kitchen, a sidewalk, or a path. Unfortunately, there are situations when the terrain needs to be level or has too many slopes. To install new amenities, digging into the soil is required. To solve this problem, we provide excavating services.

We have all the heavy machinery to dig the dirt up and level it up. Our vehicles are equipped to transport waste, and we provide various hauling services. Having firsthand experience with landscaping projects, we can provide individualized solutions, so clients are 100% satisfied with the outcome. We plan all aspects of the project perfectly and complete the job safely and efficiently within your budget.

We understand that our clients look for efficiency, reliability, and value, which is what we offer in every project. Regardless of whether you are installing a single outdoor element or building a landscape from scratch, we can help with customized solutions. If you're looking for custom, superior hardscaping services, we at Scapes and Stones are the company to call. We offer excellent quality at cost-effective pricing. For more information, get in touch with our experts at 702-405-8860 or fill in this Online Form. We help with big and small outdoor living and landscaping works.