Top Landscaping Tips

Hardscaping Las Vegas, NVLandscaping may seem like a simple task; however, it involves design and installations of various features. It’s far more than just planting bushes and trees and this is why you need the services of skilled professionals for the job. When it comes to hiring a company, you should look at the experience, the reputation and whether they are able to provide customized solutions.

When you have well-designed and well-installed outdoor spaces, you will be more inclined to use these to relax and entertain friends in. Scapes and Stones provide outstanding landscaping solutions to customers in and around Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley, Paradise, Boulder City, Winchester and Enterprise, NV.


The very first thing that landscape designers focus on when they are handling any project, are the planning and placement of all the available spaces. In this respect, the different aspects that will be taken into account are the size and shape of the yard or garden, the available features and your specific requirements and budget. When you take all these factors into consideration, you realize that this is a skilled job that should be handled by experienced and expert professionals.

Landscape Design

The landscape designer that handles all the planning and space demarcation will first work very closely with you to understand what your specific requirements are. Keeping these in view, they will then provide solutions that work perfectly for you. The designers will include various features and elements such as retaining walls, pavers, outdoor kitchens, water features, plants, flower beds etc.

Lawn Care

Most landscapes have lawns and these features are an integral part of landscape projects. While turf installations add a certain freshness and life to your garden, they also require regular maintenance to keep them looking good and in a healthy condition. When you opt for lawn care plans, the professionals will provide customized packages that include mowing, aerating, de-weeding, fertilization, pest control, re-sodding, as well as the maintenance and checks of the sprinkler and drainage systems.


The best way to ensure your landscape stays healthy is to hire the services of a company that will understand what your specific needs are, and they should be able to provide you customized services too. It may seem like all landscapes have almost similar features, such as plants, trees and grass as well as paved areas and maybe outdoor features such as outdoor kitchens etc. The rendering and installation of all these features will be different and has to be tackled expertly. While this may be the case, it’s also important to understand that every property is different and that means, a solution or design that works for one, might not necessarily work for another.

Having a well-balanced and resilient landscape is a lot about ensuring that you hire skilled and experienced landscape professionals for the job. When you engage the services of a company like Scapes and Stones, you are assured of solutions that fit in perfectly with your requirements and budget.


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