Best Synthetic Grass Applications

Synthetic Grass Las Vegas, NVWhen it comes to landscaping, property owners always look for low-maintenance features and elements. While that’s possible with masonry features, plants and trees are all living features and need consistent care and attention. This is especially true in the case of lawn spaces. Not only do they have to be mowed and watered regularly, but have to be de-weeded, re-sodded, aerated and fertilized at regular intervals too. It’s much better to opt for a synthetic grass installation instead.

Scapes and Stones provides outstanding synthetic grass installations to customers in and around Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley, Paradise, Boulder City, Winchester and Enterprise, NV.

Artificial Grass

When you opt for artificial grass, you automatically do away with all the problems related to real grass lawns. The former are low-maintenance, can be installed very quickly, are ready for use soon after installation and don’t have to be watered at all. In addition, you don’t have to worry about aeration, removing weeds or fertilizing the grass and getting rid of pests etc.

Fake Grass

Many people wonder whether fake grass will look good or whether it will have a very plastic-like look and feel to it. Current day technology is highly advanced and the artificial grass that’s available today looks like the real thing. The fact that it requires very little maintenance is a boon for property owners that are always strapped for time. This installation is very quick and you can start using it right after installation. It only requires a hosing once in a while and you can use a blower to clear the debris and leaves etc.

Artificial Turf

Today, many commercial and residential property owners are making the smarter choice and opting for artificial turf. These installations look stunning and are extremely low maintenance. While the upfront cost of the installation may seem high, the fact is that it lasts for a number of years with very basic maintenance. This means you save on those costs too. You don’t have to worry about watering the grass and that again is another saving; you don’t have to worry about installing sprinklers or paying heavy water bills.

Putting Green

If you like to play golf, but don’t find the time to actually get to a golf course on a regular basis, you can opt for a putting green installation on your property. This allows you the opportunity to enjoy a quick game of golf as and when you please. You will find that this is a very low maintenance option and that you can start using the green soon after it is set. You don’t have to worry about watering it or caring for it and this is a major advantage.

Having a well-balanced and resilient landscape is a lot about ensuring that you hire skilled and experienced landscape professionals for the job. When you engage the services of a company like Scapes and Stones, for artificial turf installation, you are assured of solutions that fit in perfectly with your requirements and budget.


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